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Capital Inefficiency

by John Cutler

In this post, we will explore capital (in)efficiency and why the current preoccupation with developer productivity (and efficiency overall) is a symptom of something else. We will discuss layoffs, trust, personal identity, and interest rates. It’s going to get heavy.

Quick Definitions


Skills, knowledge, experience, machinery, patents, copyrights, working capital, debt and equity, partner relationships, brand, etc.

Capital Efficiency:

A measure of how effectively a company uses its sources of capital to achieve its objectives, which may include growth, profitability, market share, and other strategic goals

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Reasons to become an engineering manager

by Leonardo Borges

A couple of the most common questions I get when coaching and mentoring people:

I’m thinking of applying for an engineering manager role. You’ve been doing this for a while… don’t you miss coding?

Or from the perspective of an early career engineering manager:

I like being hands on. I end up working overtime which is the only uninterrupted block of time I get. Even though it’s long hours, I feel really good when I get the chance to do that.

These highlight some of the reasons why it’s so hard to make the switch — not only that, but perhaps they hint at why some people should avoid the switch altogether. That is what I wanted to touch on in this article: why you should not move into engineering management.

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How to Win

by Daniel Gross

Daniel Gross, former YC Partner and founder shares his wisdom of how to survive and thrive as a startup founder.

Mythical Man Month

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