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A collection of workshops, courses and tutorials that I have written, contributed to, or just highly recommend.

Building Websites with Python and Bottle

Websites built with Python and Bottle aren't too intimidating and many of the concepts will be familiar to you if you have used Python before.

You still write all your website code in HTML and CSS files, the main difference is that instead of loading those files directly in the browser, you use a Python program to read the browser URLs and decide which pages to show.

Build a ChatBot with Python and OpenAI

In this tutorial you will learn how to use GPT-3 to generate human-like natural language, and you will code a chatbot in Python that uses GPT-3 to reply to user inputs.

Bot: Hello!
You: hey! what's your favourite colour?
Bot: My favourite colour is blue, like the ocean.
You: do you have any hobbies?
Bot: I like to browse the Internet.
You: what's your birthday?
Bot: My birthday is on 24 November 2022.